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New Home Builder in Cranbrook | Benefits of Building a New Home From Scratch

It can be difficult to decide whether you should buy an existing home or build one from scratch. At CR Construction & Development Ltd, our team undertakes property extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments to improve existing builds in Cranbrook and the other areas we cover. With over 40 years of experience, our new home builders manage all stages of constructing your dream home. We undertake a wide range of building work to ensure new builds are durable, attractive and meet your exact specification. 

Here, our team discusses a few of the many benefits of choosing to build a new home.



Unlike buying an existing home, new builds allow you to choose the number of rooms you have. You can decide if you want ensuite bathrooms, an open plan or closed kitchen, if you want a dressing room and the size and shape of your living room. New builds allow you to achieve everything on your property wish list.


At CR Construction & Development Ltd, our experts help with material sourcing to create your dream home. We help you stay within your budget whilst still achieving your ideal aesthetic. From the external walls to the final finishes, our team manages the supply and installation of your chosen materials.


Another benefit of choosing our new home builders’ services is that you can choose the exact location of your house. Whether you decide to build in Cranbrook or any of the surrounding areas our experts are here to help. If you love the location of your existing home we undertake property refurbishments, home renovations and property extensions to enhance your house.

No Corrective Work

Whilst we complete first-rate renovations, altering second hand homes may not be right for you. Renovations can take time and cannot alter certain aspects of builds such as the size of a garden. With new builds, you can control all elements and create the exact space you need.

Custom Design

Our new home builders create homes that are tailored to meet your unique requirements. We help with the design, planning and offer architectural services to ensure your home will be stable and optimised for your needs and wants. Accounting for your future requirements will ensure that your custom build will be perfect for your current and future circumstances. From the size and shape of your garden to the layout and number of rooms, CR Construction & Development Ltd accounts for all of your needs. Whether you want to create a bespoke build in Cranbrook or any of the surrounding areas, we are here to help. If you decide that a new build isn’t right for you, we also offer quality property extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments.

For experienced new home builders covering Cranbrook and all of the surrounding areas, please call CR Construction & Development Ltd on 01435 867089 or 07515 461 324 today.