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Property Refurbishment in Crowborough | Should Builders Refurbish Your Build Before Selling?

Property refurbishments are a great way to update and alter your build. If you are planning on selling your build, the refurbishments CR Construction & Development Ltd undertakes can increase the value of your property. We can complete more serious works including property extensions and home renovations to alter the layout and increase the size of your home. Our new home builders are happy to discuss your unique requirements for your property in Crowborough or the other areas we cover.

Here, we cover a few key points to help you establish if refurbishing your home before selling it is right for you.


Consider Your Personal Situation

To establish if refurbishing before selling your house is right for you, you will need to look at your current circumstances. Main considerations include:

  • Do you have the budget to accommodate a refurbishment?

  • Do you have enough savings or will you need a loan?

  • Do you know how much your home is currently worth?

  • How much money are you aiming to receive for your home?

  • Is the property market operating in your favour? 

  • Are you happy to wait for the work to be finished?

Benefits of Refurbishing Before Selling

Add Value

The main reason why people typically choose to undertake a property refurbishment is to add value to their home. In addition to refurbishments, CR Construction & Development Ltd can also complete more serious works with home renovations and property extensions. By maximising your space and highlighting that it has been well cared for, the less work prospective buyers will have to do. Our new home builders can make structural alterations and modernise builds in and around Crowborough to make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Increase Space

Many people are unsure if they should extend or move, so by showing buyers they will achieve maximum space with your build, they are more likely to purchase it. Whether you want to alter the layout or create more space, our team have the solution.


Modernising is a popular choice for those with older properties. We can make homes more energy efficient, which is an attractive feature. Our builders can fit efficient features and add insulation to keep homes at a comfortable temperature and lower energy bills. Our experts can also change the style of your home and make it more contemporary. 

Rather than undertaking home renovations or property extensions, we can just redecorate builds as part of our property refurbishments. By simply refreshing your Crowborough home, it will automatically look more inviting to prospective buyers. We can complete our decorating service to quickly prepare builds for selling. Our new home builders are happy to discuss your requirements with you to establish the refurbishment work to be undertaken.

For builders completing property refurbishments in Crowborough and all of the surrounding areas, please call CR Construction & Development Ltd on 01435 867089 or 07515 461 324 today.