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Reasons to Purchase a Build That Needs A Home Renovation in Maresfield | Reliable Builders

If you are looking to purchase a new property, it is worth considering buying a build that requires a home renovation. At CR Construction & Development Ltd, our new home builders undertake a range of services to revitalise older properties. We complete property extensions and property refurbishments to update and expand the entire build. Our team are happy to discuss all of the services we provide to enhance homes in Maresfield and the other areas we cover.

Here, we discuss a few of the reasons to purchase a property that requires renovation work.


No Additional Expenses

Finding a property you love in your dream location can be extremely difficult. However, buying a build that is in relatively poor condition is a great alternative to consider. Whether you are planning on renovating for a profit or if you want to create your ideal home, renovating a run-down property will typically cost the same as if you bought a house in top condition. Homes in a bad way are often off-putting to buyers, which is likely to be reflected in the price so you can purchase the build for a lower price, making the renovation costs worth it.

Add Value

Investing in parts of the home such as attics and kitchens, can significantly increase the value of properties. Depending on if you are planning on selling your home renovation project or if you are moving in, the work you undertake will vary. Even if you are looking to create your ideal build in Maresfield, you never know if you may sell it in the future. The work our new home builders undertake, including property extensions and property refurbishments, will make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

Fun Project

Whilst renovations can take a lot of time and patience, these larger undertakings can be fun projects. If you are looking for something to spend your time working on, renovations are a great choice. Our experienced team will manage all of the major works so you won’t have to deal with the stressful and laborious elements, but still get to organise a fun project.

Easy Fixes

Here, we have listed a few of the common issues with properties in and around Maresfield that put buyers off but are easy to fix. Whether you opt for property refurbishment work, property extension services or a full home renovation, the team at CR Construction & Development Ltd have an option for everyone. Our new home builders recommend tackling these easy fixes:

  • Broken Latches

  • Broken Tiles

  • Broken Windows

  • Cracked Plaster

  • Dripping Taps

  • Foul Odours

  • Mouldy Bathroom Sealants 

  • Mouldy Kitchen Sealants

  • Noisy Stairs

  • Outdated Décor 

  • Peeling Paint

  • Squeaking Doors

  • Sticking Windows

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