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There comes a time where you start to question your property, finding certain fixtures and fittings no longer to taste, or that an interior is really starting to show its age. You may wish to jump to the most extreme reaction, and consider moving home altogether. But not only is this infamously expensive, inconvenient and stressful, you may love your home “warts and all”, and just want to see it updated and rejuvenated. If this sounds like you, C R Construction & Developments would love to hear from you. Covering areas including Cranbrook, Crowborough, Heathfield, Maresfield, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield, we serve as a trusted builder for the wider East Sussex area, perfectly executing property refurbishment projects to revolutionise how you see and use your home.

Just as with our home renovation projects, a property refurbishment is always bespoke. And while the two terms are often used interchangeably, the latter is typically a more comprehensive and holistic process, whereas the former usually targets a small combination of particular elements such as old pipes and plumbing. Our team, who boast nearly half a century’s experience in the industry, work closely to develop clients’ ideas and ensure the property refurbishment they receive leads to them falling back in love with their home. Dreaming of a new bathroom with an opulent freestanding tub? Or perhaps a re-imagined kitchen with smart storage solutions galore? We’ll make it happen.

Reasons to Invest in a Property Refurbishment

Some of our clients around Cranbrook, Crowborough, Heathfield, Maresfield, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield invest in a property refurbishment with the express intention of selling the finished product, generating a sizable profit on an early acquisition. But most are searching for a capable builder who can make their home more practical, modern, easy on the eyes, and generally comfortable.

Both types of client receive the following benefits when choosing C R Construction & Developments to mastermind their refurb:

  • The project can significantly increase the value of a property
  • Features can be updated and aging elements modernised
  • Energy efficiency can be targeted to reduce bills and make it easier to heat
  • You can get creative and truly customise your space
  • Safety issues and badly damaged fixtures/features can be rectified
  • Layouts can be made more seamless and use of space optimised
  • Elements falling short of building regulations can be amended
  • A totally new interior design scheme can be rolled out!

To see some of the fantastic results our team have recently achieved, why not navigate to our projects page?

Reimagine and revolutionise your property in Uckfield, Heathfield or elsewhere in East Sussex. Bring in C R Construction & Developments to mastermind your property refurbishment! Simply call 0751 546 1324 to discuss your ideas.