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Property Refurbishment in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells and All Surrounding Areas

From wanting to modernise a property to maximising usable space, there are many reasons to refurbish a property. At CR Construction & Development Ltd, our builders undertake a range of building services to complete all property refurbishments to the highest standard. Whether customers are planning to make some practical changes to their home or if clients want to prepare their property for selling, our experts have the solution. We manage refurbishments in and around Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells, Heathfield, Crowborough and Maresfield. 

Our builders can expand space with property extensions, refurbish kitchens and bathrooms and improve the energy efficiency of builds. Prospective customers can read our testimonials to learn more about our refurbishment services and gain inspiration for their upcoming project.

Another reason why customers choose to refurbish their builds is to tailor the space to meet their unique requirements and personal style. So, if clients have bought a new property and want to make it their own, or if their current set up is no longer working for them, a refurbishment allows for bespoke alterations. To accommodate all building work we use a range of top of the line equipment. The materials and equipment we use for property refurbishments includes diggers, dumpers, skips and scaffold as well as timber, concrete, render, brick, block and stone.


Full Service Refurbishments

At CR Construction & Development Ltd, we offer expert design advice to help customers make the most of their build. We can assess the potential of properties and offer building material advice to achieve clients’ ideal finish and aesthetic. Our team can undertake a range of general refurbishment work to improve domestic properties as well as more specialised services. The transformative refurbishment services we offer in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells, Heathfield, Crowborough and Maresfield include:

  • Modernising 

  • Re-Modelling 

  • Structural Alterations

  • Improving Energy Efficiency

  • Updating Plumbing

  • Updating Electricals

  • Kitchen Refurbishments

  • Bathroom Refurbishments

  • Space Creation

Our experts can fit stud walls to establish separate zones or create multiple rooms. We also knock through walls to create an open plan style or to expand the size of existing rooms.

Benefits of Property Refurbishments

There are numerous benefits of refurbishing a property including:

  • Our team completes work to increase the value of builds.

  • We can update features and modernise properties.  

  • There are a variety of ways to improve energy efficiency. 

  • Offers the chance to create customised spaces. 

  • Allows clients to bring their build up to regulations. 

  • Our builders can repair damage and revitalise builds.

  • Make properties healthier, safer and more durable. 

  • Alter the layout and make rooms more functional.

  • Match the look of builds to customers’ personal taste.

At CR Construction & Development Ltd, we are happy to answer any questions clients have about the property refurbishments we undertake in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells, Heathfield, Crowborough and Maresfield.

For property refurbishments in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells and all surrounds, please call CR Construction & Development Ltd on 01435 867089 or 07515 461 324 today.