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Many properties throughout East Sussex have started to slip into the past, with antiquated infrastructure that regularly requires professional attention, and layouts or features that simply don’t live up to modern expectations. As a trusted builder covering all locations surrounding Cranbrook, Crowborough, Heathfield, Maresfield, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield, C R Construction & Developments can deliver a home renovation that sees to these concerns, totally modernising your property, and improving things on both practical and aesthetic fronts.

What’s Involved in a Home Renovation?

Each and every home renovation we tackle is different, and bespoke to your needs and any shortcomings the property currently exhibits. You may simply be looking to update your plumbing, electrical or heating infrastructure, or all three consecutively. Alternatively, you may want to implement a change of layout, knocking through a wall to create an open plan kitchen-dining space, while sweeping through with re-decoration that leaves little untouched. High on the wish list of many of our clients is a new bathroom or kitchen, as these are areas that can often seem to age quicker than others, and which have been proven to play a big role in a property’s overall market value.

It’s the job of our builders to work with clients around Cranbrook, Crowborough, Heathfield, Maresfield, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield to develop their ideas, and ensure each of their home renovation goals is well and truly fulfilled when all is said and done. This means we have to have an experienced, versatile team capable of delivering all the following services to the upmost of quality standards:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Heating
  • Painting & Decoration
  • New Kitchens & Bathroom Refurbs
  • Rendering
  • Structural Changes
  • Change of Layouts
  • Plastering

Plumbing Specialists

C R Construction & Developments Ltd is a bona fide plumbing specialist, and for this reason many of the home renovation projects we tackle revolve around the necessity of upgrading this vital infrastructure. If you’ve noticed that your drains are slow, pipes are leaky, or you struggle to effectively heat your property, there’s a good chance that a home renovation placing emphasis on the modernisation of your plumbing might be the right idea.

By choosing our experienced professionals to update and upgrade your plumbing, you can protect your Cranbrook, Crowborough, Heathfield, Maresfield, Tunbridge Wells or Uckfield property from future issues which could cause serious damage and incur staggering repair costs. On the less extreme side of things, a more functional, efficient system is simply far less of a day-to-day frustration; this is especially the case for families, or properties with multiple bathrooms or busy kitchens.

So whether you’re looking to target fixtures and structural elements of your property, its interior design scheme or aging infrastructure, why not contact the home renovation specialists at C R Construction & Developments Ltd? Our near half a century’s experience leads to remarkable results, night and day differences that can prevent the stress and expense of moving home!

Discuss your ideas for a home renovation with C R Construction & Developments Ltd, a reputable builder covering areas including Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells. Call 0751 546 1324 today!